15>30 November 2017 - Worldwide
AIAPI Arti Visive IAA AIAP Unesco
curated by Roberto Ronca
organization Debora Salardi DS Way主催団体ホームページ)開催地が載っているページ)

Contemporary Visions ∞ VideoArt in LOOP is the event that involves video art in a project shared simultaneously in different parts of the world. THE CONTEMPORARY IN CONTEMPORARY: this is the will of AIAPI to transform an exhibition in an international event involving the world and makes it joined in the art. Different locations in the world, unusual and unexpected places that become places of art that can be used by the public at any time. The people approach contemporary art with a widespread distrust from the habit of thinking that it is a niche product, devoted only to experts and detached to most of people. Art, in fact, belongs to everyone and belongs to everyone. At the moment in which art it is produced by the artist it begins to belong to the people, who can fully enjoy the value even, and perhaps especially, not just where people expect to find it. This is when art becomes of all simultaneously in many parts of the world, people of different cultures live similar experiences, feeling close. The art overcomes barriers, unites and uplifts to a broader reflection of reality, offering visions (contemporary) to which the eyes are grateful. Contemporary Visions ∞ Video Art in LOOP involves artists from around the world in an event around the world.

CONTEMPORARY VISIONS | VIDEOART IN LOOPはイタリアのアート団体aiapiが主催するイベントで世界各地同時に共通のビデオアートを上映公開し世界中の人たちとアートを共有し楽しんでもらうというものです。
そのイベントに日本で唯一SZK GALLERYも参加し、11月15日〜30日の間、ビデオアート作品の上映をします!

今回の紹介動画 8分55秒にSZK GALLERYが!